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Leaders discuss mideast sell at a discount peace in jordan Leaders discuss mideast peace in Pandora Spacers Beads jordan That is the special report.From abc scoops now.I'm sunny hostin in new york and it is really an abc news now special report.President obama is in jordan now meeting with its king abdullah the second is alas not in president obama's middle east tour he flies back to the country tomorrow but not before he tries to shore up this key alliance in the arab world right now i want to bring in alex marquardt who is.Located inside of jerusalem.Alex and the director today made a few symbolic stops before he got onto a plane.Can you give us an idea about his day starting and that record at the holocaust museum.Afternoon is sure thing it's been a busy day for the director.He woke up in jerusalem brilliant first stop was on mount herzl.Where he decided to see the graves of theodor herzl.Who is the the founder of contemporary zionism.Who lays in outside the graves of rabin.Israel's former pm was assassinated.As 1995.There she lay a stone on the grave of her being in the stone actually came up from the california dc memorial.Of martin luther cal sovereign.From there he went over to yad vashem which is the holocaust museum it's a regular stop for visiting dignitaries and gave some remarks in which i discussed racism and anti semitism and and one of the most people memorable quotes from that from those remarks were.The state of israel does not exist transformation holocaust but with the survival strong jewish state of israel.Such a holocaust does not ever happen again.After that you will he got in his motorcade.And he traveled to bethlehem.From there he went to tel aviv and salute to jordan where now we hoping to give remarks alongside king abdullah the second.And now alex mentioned and that he did make his way to bethlehem he was originally used to fly in their right but there was an issue.Spot along with travel.Much of travel over the last few days has been on his helicopters marine one he flies around with three helicopters are also several attack helicopters that were flying alongside but as he emerged from the holocaust museum.This yellow sick dust storm blew in and is in fact blanketed.Much of the the region now it's it's cleared up but it was pretty clear it was so windy that the helicopters but wouldn't be capable of taking off so they scramble motorcade.Not merely the two.Presidential limousines referred to as beast.But as well a long distinctive brand of armored cars.And drove to to bethlehem which is really not that's hard drive would have been more foods to take helicopter.Well what we're told with this travel change alex that palestinians actually cheered the change because it would need he would have to see how life is behind that wall the wall that we hear so much about just just how stark is a real difference.That's out right when the news came using he would be driving to bethlehem.It has some shall we say joy.In the flickr among palestinians and pro palestinian.Activists that although.See he or have to see rather.Probably a part how.Palestinians reside on that drive from jerusalem to bethlehem.You have to go along side what's israelis call the protection wall what palestinians call the separation barrier it's a very imposing.Definite wall twenty feet high.Now much of it is covered with graffiti it runs the length of the border between the west bank and jerusalem a couple of hundred miles.And yes that did right after between.The roads Pandora Beads UK and you can say between the west bank and israel is fairly the west bank comprises of a very complex system of bridges tunnels.Checkpoints any wall membrane roads built by by israel.In part because under western culture bank there some 300000.Israeli settlers living alongside the two and a half million palestinians and israel does take pains to keep to keep those two communities apart.Now of course many palestinians can't come into israel and nor can they go east into jordan without browsing israeli security.So many palestinians feel like trapped net and so in fact.A barack obama barely scratched the surface of this very complex system by just going through one checkpoint.Palestinians were in fact quite happy that he at least got to see a variety of it.Now what we mentioned earlier and that the president is in amman and he is ending up in king abdullah.The second what do we expect sun's rays discussing today.King abdullah and his father before him king hussein some of the nearest allies arab allies.That the us has had so it's very important for president obama to sit down with king abdullah it is essential juncture in the middle east.But we expect them to not just talk about now in this press conference but in the meetings that will track tonight.There's some of the same issues that were discussed here in israel the palestinian areas.Including syria.And it's the the palestinian israeli peace process were also expecting him to touch on domestic reforms in jordan to the last two years of the arab spring on the internet unrest in jordan not nearly on the same level as we've seen in places like.Yemen tunisia.Libya egypt syria but there have been unrest which was unprecedented we have heard calls.For the to step down since he has undertaken some reforms we expect the barack obama.Will speak with him about that as the us has been urging him to try these reforms loosen up.His grip on power and and produce it more of a constitutional monarchy.Good deal most.Alex yesterday the president gave his statements on how the continued conflict in syria and bashar al asad regime is hurting israel.Cool in jordan is holding who is jordan using in syria.Jordan and king abdullah are firmly on the side of usa europe turkey.Allied with the opposition against a president bashar al assad of syria king abdullah said this week that thinks president decides.Days are numbered he has said that if he were side that she'd step down.Jordan's intelligence service has been one of the most valuable assets land.Jordan borders syria so that they have perhaps great visibility.Into syria monitoring syria in addition there are american forces military forces.Court training syrian rebels recently there was a small group of array rebels who receive training.From american forces they most recently went back into syria ago it's in jordan is really best interest to be sure that this conflict comes to an end soon there's a lot of trade that goes on.Between syria and jordan but perhaps more urgently anywhere between 500000.And a thousand syrian refugees.We're living in refugee camps and in its.In jordan and so that's really taking its hole on the jordanian fiscal system.On the jordanian commercial structure.And remember jordan jordan's population is only six million people so when you have somewhere half million a million refugees that's that's a significant portion of the population.Well the president alex yesteryear gave his support for a quote independent.A viable and repetitive palestinian safe are we likely to hear more language like that today.Absolutely out expected in this press management meeting you're gonna hear both presidents.Obama and king abdullah the second voiced strong support for two state solution for an unbiased palestine in gaza and the west bank.Jordan's king in recent days especially in an interview a recently with the atlantic magazine has expressed skepticism.That's that a two state solution can even take place but they will keep working towards it.Now when the president goes back to washington tomorrow secretary of state john kerry is actually gonna stay in your neighborhood.Bring talks in jordan in israel.In the palestinian territories factor things that he's doing since taking over from secretary clinton is to try and jump start this peace process again so that's going to be one of his main focuses.In the coming days weeks and months but i was just conversing with a palestinian official just a couple hours ago expressed serious reservations about the prospect of peace talks.And i have to israeli officers also agreed that.And they are not very they aren't terribly optimistic that negotiators will be back at at the negotiating table anytime soon.Well well it was interesting alex yesterday when the president met with president mahmoud abbas.And within ramallah.He seemed to indicate that in his view that this two state solution was still possible even in even when confronted with those controversial settlement.Being formed.By israel he was urging israelis in and palestinians for you to say your resume those.Stalled peace talks exactly what your senses is the hold up really.Those questionable settlements.And certainly the palestinians think so the intercontinental community believes that the settlements they consider this on settlements to be illegal.You haven't heard the president go that far the palestinians is that you have said that.A to resolution activity is a precondition.For peace talks and sunday.The president struck that down not saying that that ought not to be an obstacle to peace talks he didn't say that illegal he he didn't criticize them beyond saying.That that that they are not constructive.That sorry that they are not constructive towards a peace talks and that's really as far.As he wins in the event an israeli why.Doesn't the pm.Impose halts to village building they'll just respond what we've tried this before.In fact when one obama came into office.The pm netanyahu did impose a ten months.Halt on settlement building and expansion in orders to resume peace talks but they did not go anywhere at the time.And and and now also during his press convention yesterday the president's press expo.Ended up some hecklers.When he was at the jerusalem convention center speaking before a group of young folks and lot of people considered that he handled it well by saying this is part of the lively debate but what is your sense.And afterward.President obama has elevated the middle east for a couple of days.While the reception that he's kenneth.Truly two existing perceptions.If you gaze acts the israelis.I do not think it.Barak could have had a warmer reception.Before he came many israelis were distrustful.Has a tense nervous about obama not at all times believing that he was the biggest supporter of israel but from the moment that he got off the plane.He was back slapping hugging israeli leaders like director shimon peres.And pm benjamin netanyahu and he really warmed up.The israeli public through his actions and most notably by using their that you mentioned and in which he spoke.In beautiful terms about israel.I just want to show you this is one of israel's main newspapers called i don't know it happens to be the biggest newspaper israel and this as below lives but which means.You just aren't alone.Lines from president obama's speech and it was it's one lines that has which has been that is graced the front pages of several israeli newspapers today.But if you're searching over the palestinian side the reaction really was the polar opposite it was very cool the palestinians.Are disappointed angry.Basically what we are debating earlier that that the president come didn't come out.Stronger against pay outs.The palestinian officials speaking with earlier sent to me we don't understand why president obama even tame the situation is quite like it was when he arrives at the palestinians elected got very little anything at all out of this visit.Well alex just this morning though israeli pm benjamin netanyahu apologize for the attack on the gaza flotilla.That established itself back in may of 2010 some would say.That was an amazing move we saw.Perhaps that olive branch was at an unusual moves.Absolutely it was actually groundbreaking you could argue that it was the first concrete move the first concrete diplomatic step to come out of its barack obama's trip it's certainly came at the behest of the urging a obama and in fact.Barak was briefly that call today between prime minister benjamin netanyahu.And pm received paragon.Of turkey it's really a very big move and the relations since.That not be marmara flotilla as it's known in which nine turkish activists worked shields the relations have been super strains.And turkey has been crying out for an apology.From israel which intel today the pm has refused to gifts following this phone call between premise starter and pm netanyahu.A statement was released by netanyahu's office in which he not only apologized but offered to pay.Did the groups of the victims.Set up a bit more found that with turkish pm.Heard juan it is that appalled that you think are or that.It's being it is made at the behest.Barak.Absolutely it it to and in fact the white house put out your firm stand out saying.We now have very happy that the two sides had reconciled both turkey and israel are.Central allies.Four four north america in this region for a variety of issues.Not merely the in the israeli palestinian peace process.Syria iran.And a variety of others are all very big players and so it certainly helps u.S it's that the two sides have come together just a bit more on that flotilla.Does he was back in in may 2010 it was sailing from turkey route.Gaza this was boarded by.Israeli safeguards forces by the israeli navy.And that's when this altercation took place we have seen a bit of warming of relations in the lead up two this apology today but certainly came out of nowhere.And switching gears just a little.And let's discuss this syrian refugee outlook in.We know that jordan is seeing a key number of syrian refugees for us.The border a million by some estimates and we know they're in presence of it in private.Do we expect to listen to this in public perhaps during a press conference today.They could talk about it tonight's i certainly think that it's that king abdullah will bring it up he's in need of aid and then and us has recently pledged another sixty million dollars.In service.The million refugees figure is the number of refugees that have sled the syrian fighting to nearby countries and who have registered.With the un we believe that number to be.Far increased.And is syria really merely has.A population of 23 million people we belief that another two million are internally displaced.So you're talking into the millions people who have been displaced as a result of this fighting it's it's it it's that dire problem.And is certainly one that president barack obama and king abdullah.Could certainly address right now because some serious action needs to be taken.They're all sorts of relief questions is there enough water is there enough not shelter they to in jordan.And it in the upper part of jordan jordan near the syrian border is.Out in the the desert they've had a lot of issues they have daily riots jordan and turkey.Are two of the countries that have taken in most refugees they've also gone into.Border iraq border lebanon.And we are going to continue to see.This a deluge of refugees pour out.As as we now the third year of that syrian civil war.And now alex the director indicated at least in his speech.At the jerusalem established practice center.And that the three issues that he believed to define our times particularly when it relates to the middle east security.Silence.And prosperity and and bringing up the peace.The lead designer was was.Sort of advised that peace with other's.Was helpful not just peace with autocrat.So we see after.And a myteriously named autocrat.King what is your sense of how which is to be percy.Well you will never put king abdullah the second on the same level as.Seen as someone like.Mubarak in egypt in are unquestionably saleh in yemen.The this was a very.Strong point that he was attempting to make and basically telling israel.You should come to the table you have to recognize that the world around you is changing.That the exit of the regimes around changing you cannot rely on these.These dictators who handle.Iron sister countries you need to get along with the peoples as well and that's why.It's gonna be so important for the president and king abdullah to be referencing those internal reforms.In in jordan it really is.If you imagine what you read if you think that what king abdullah saying he's fully cognizant of the that he has to bring about reforms he's got to give.A more power to the pm to the parliament to the people because you are seeing increasing unrest you're seeing.As is available and other countries a growing strength among islamists.The actual muslim brotherhood.He sure has a problem.You and your your rights in in the sense that their there it certain.Autocratic overtones to his brain a very secure internal security service that is very controlling.Of individuals so. I can imagine that secretary of State's John Kerry andBarak will sit down the King Abdullah tonight and go over there probably in rather signed detail some of the reforms that that he's planning in the coming months.And alex i recognise that we are waiting.Before a press convention that me.Needs to be beginning.Shortly but i think we have a bit more time.To talk and i want to reverse to.Withinside ramallah.That which is your sense.Much of what was released.Of that meeting because more and more people believe that this.Should have stalled peace talks between.The israelis since the palestinians.Is is with sort of that crux of out what's president barack obama wanted to address.Daily middle east war.Absolutely it was interesting to see obama come off his helicopter.In the cuts and is the presidential compound.In ramallah yesterday where he was greeted by president mahmoud abbas and also other palestinian officials.It was clearly cooler frost year than the reception that he'd received at tel aviv's ben gurion airport.Yesterday by president shimon peres prime minister benjamin netanyahu.And other israeli authorities.And finding that the american delegation sat down the palestinian delegation.It was warm but it naturally was in the same.You know me visited the back slapping the hugging that we saw relating to the us and israeli side there was a lot more contention palestinians we'll tell you today that.If you look at how long that president obama spent in the palestinian territories with palestinian leaders there's just a few hours yesterday it was less than an hour today.And they'll say that that's a sign of how little president barack obama actually supports.Our palestinian.People in their quest for for an unbiased states that the main frustration.The actual palestinians.Rrs that.Obama came into office such great fanfare he gave this this speech in cairo where he called.How you can the palestinians lives in tolerable we didn't hear any of that same language on this trip and so.Right now we don't accurately what was sanity in that meeting between that the palestinian.And the our delegations and the two presidents.But i did speak with palestinian official earlier.Who said that very little came out of it that barack obama didn't put forward any new ideas that he didn't put forward any.Ideas about how to executed.His vision for a palestinian state and the quote that that he gave me was that obama left the way he came were trying to figure out why he came at all.As well as the fac

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